Sleep Songs offers 12 song tracks to put you in a relaxed state. Whether for sleep, meditation, or just a timeout from your day, Sleep Songs will sooth your soul.

The meditative songs are all high definition and professionally recorded and are in full stereo sound. Whether using your headphones or plugging into your home stereo system, Sleep Songs will sound great. You have to hear it to believe it.

Sleep Songs is a universal high definition binary. This means you buy it once for your iPhone or iPad and you can use it on all your devices without having to purchase an individual copy for each device. Sleep Songs will look great on either your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch at full resolution. Download Demo MP3.

The full version includes a large variety of songs to fit anyone's liking: Andantino, Comin Home, Curious Flute, Dawn of Splendor, Gentle Family, Letting Go, Marvel, Minor Romance, Nostalgic Piano, Realization, Reflections, and Silent Film Speaks.

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