Sleep Sounds offers various sound loops to put your in a relaxed state. Whether for sleep, study or just a timeout from your day, Sleep Sounds will soothe your soul.

The full version contains 25 sounds: Autumn Wind, Backyard Thunderstorm, Beehive, Bird Song, Bonfire, Canoe, Cat Purring, Church Bell, Cow Pasture, Creek, Distant Lawnmower, Heartbeat, Highway, Heavy Seas, Horse Drawn Carriage, Light Rain, Night Crickets, Ocean Waves, Pendulum Clock, Pile Driver, River Dock, Thunderstorm, Tropical Rainforest, Whale Song, and Windchimes.

Nature Pack contains 10 extra songs: After The Rain, Beach Fun, Campfire, Cattails, Country Night, Frog Pond, Mountain Stream, Trickling Cavern, Water Mill, and Waterfall. Now included with Sleep Sounds.

The lite version contains 4 sounds: Bird Song, Bonfire, Creek and Light Rain.

Sleep Sounds is a universal binary that will work on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch at full resolution with a single license.

Looking For Sleep Songs?

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